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Yuyi Translation is a professional language-related service provider based in China's economic and commercial center of Pudong, Shanghai.

We offer a whole range of Chinese language services to meet your business, personal, social and learning needs.

With the translation services that we offer, you will find language is no longer a barrier between you and your international customers. And also, you can reach out to potential customers in every corner of the world.                         
Yuyi translators are chosen not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise. Our translators include bilingual attorneys, engineers bankers as well as scholars and members of the diplomatic community.

For anything other than general business documents, we only translate materials we have a proven background.
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 Client's Notice

      Price Varies Accordingly

      An accurate quotation depends on source and target language, file type, word number,       submitting time and other special requirements from the clients.

      Our Quotations Are Generally Divided Into

      1. Written Translation Price (Unit: RMB/per thousand words)
      2. Interpretation Price (Unit: RMB/per person/per day)
      3. Web site localization price (negotiable)
      4. Books translation price (negotiable)

      When ask for a price

      1. Please estimate the amount of words (The number of words in the manuscript is
          counted by the number of Chinese words, with
          1000 thousand words as the unit ).
      2. Tell us the type of your manuscript and the
          deadline of delivery you expect.
      3. Spare us more time for the examination to
          ensure the quality of the translation,
      4. In case you keep the corresponding vocabularies,
          share with us please, so that we offer you quality works.

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